Student Social Connect - New peer support scheme

Would you like support with developing social networks in Sheffield and at university? Are you feeling lonely or isolated and struggling to make friends?

Perhaps you feel your mental health is suffering and you are feeling anxious and low in mood, and would benefit from some support to help you create a routine, meet new people, and try new things. If so, this could be for you...

We're piloting a peer support scheme called Student Social Connect in collaboration with SHU Wellbeing.

What Student Social Connect involves

You will be paired with a connector (a trained student) who will help you to make a 6-week wellbeing plan. This could include anything from SU societies and events, to meal prepping, volunteering opportunities, or meditation classes.

The plans are flexible - the connector could attend several activities with you, attend the first time, or not any, but will regularly catch up with you to check how you are getting on. The plans can last up to 6 weeks.

Please note: The connectors are not trained mental health professionals; they are students who want to help others connect to their community and improve their wellbeing.

If you feel this could benefit you, please contact with 'Social Connect' in the email title. Include your full name, student number, and phone number within the email.