Caught short? Don’t panic!

Tammy and Patricia are here to help.

9 tampons lined up in a row on a blue background

How many times have you been caught short by an unexpected period? Or experienced going to a lecture with a tampon in only to remember that you gave your last one away in the toilets at HallamNation or simply just forgot to restock your bag?

Periods are a natural part of a menstruating person’s life, and no one should lose out on educational opportunities because they’ve been caught short, or their period came early/unexpectedly. Loads of us have found ourselves in this situation and thanks to your Wellbeing, Sport & Physical Activity Officer, Scarlet, you can now access free period products across both City and Collegiate campuses, meaning you no longer need to worry about dashing to the nearest shop or being forced to go home to pick up emergency supplies and can get back to focusing on your future.

Students and staff will have access to Grace and Green’s ethically crafted period essentials which are made from 100% certified organic cotton, 100% plastic-free and are biodegradable. They also feature no toxins, chemicals, dyes, synthetic fibres, or fragrances and best of all are cruelty-free and vegan!

What to do?

Head to one of the locations below and ‘ask for Tammy’ (for tampons) or ‘ask for Patricia’ (for pads). No questions will be asked and you will be given three products in each pack, as we know everyone’s flow is different.

  • Adsett’s Hallam Help Point
  • Collegiate Library Hallam Help point
  • The Pearson Building (gym) reception
  • Medical Centre in Surrey Building
  • The Student’s Union
  • The Heart of Campus Hallam Help point
  • Owen Level 5 Hallam Help point
  • Porter Brook Medical Centre 

If you have used this service or have feedback, please fill in this short survey to let us know how easy it was getting period products on campus, you can also scan the QR code found on posters across campus. Thank you in advance, we really value your feedback.

If you are experiencing difficulty paying for period products, you can apply for a voucher here. 

Please note the University are only able to supply a limited number of vouchers to each student and in some cases, we may also ask you to apply to our Hardship Fund, so we can best consider how to support you financially.

For more information on Grace and Green’s products please visit their website.