Broomhall is a wonderfully interesting and vibrant community, home to a huge range of different residents - old, young, student, non-student, and very culturally diverse. Stretching from Collegiate Crescent right into the city centre’s Devonshire Quarter, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved with your amazing local community.

Things to look out for

Broomhall Centre

The Broomhall Centre is central to life in the area for many residents, and offers a full 7-day programme of activities and events. From live music, festivals and volunteering opportunities, make sure you pay the Centre a visit!

Sunnybank Nature Reserve

A real hidden treasure in the heart of Broomhall, this tiny nature reserve is a great place to relax, study or even explore the wildlife!

Unity Gym

Much more than just a gym, Unity Gym uses sports, fitness classes and other events to bring all Broomhall residents together in a fun & friendly environment. It’s a fantastic, welcoming place to help you meet new people!

One for the calendar

Broomhall Gala is a fantastic day, bringing together the whole community to celebrate Broomhall and its residents - games, stalls, activities, great food, music & dance, it’s all here!