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Faizan Sajid

Activities Officer

"Volunteering as a Student can create a massive impact in your local community and provides an opportunity for you to make changes to the issues you care about."

Volunteering Role Description For Sheffield Talking News

Project Overview

We are looking for volunteers who are able to go out into the community and record audio stories for a charity called Sheffield Talking News - www.sheffieldtalkingnews.org.uk. The charity's main activity is in recording items from the local newspapers and other sources to send to visually impaired people in Sheffield, though being available through several online sources our output is available worldwide. But as well as recording news items we also have a strand called 'Out and About in Sheffield' in which we leave the studio and produce story items in locations and communities around the city. So we are looking for volunteers who can produce 'Out and About' items for us, including coming-up with ideas for items and seeing them through recording and editing to completed package. Rights on any completed productions will be retained by the volunteer(s) for use in their CV, or for entering into awards, etc.. Past 'Out and About in Sheffield' items can be heard at https://sheffield.talking-news.info/listen/play/Out-And-About/


By definition the location would depend upon where in or around Sheffield the volunteer(s) choose to make their recordings, and also where they choose to do the audio editing.  However, Sheffield Talking News is based at the Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind, 5 Mappin Street, Sheffield S1 4DT. 

Benefits to others

Keeping members of the visually impaired community in Sheffield informed of interesting items regarding their city.  This can help reduce isolation amongst certain groups and encourage community engagement.


Benefits to self

i) Provide opportunities to investigate areas of Sheffield life, so enabling a deeper understanding of what makes the city tick.

ii) Volunteers can retain the rights to any of the audio material they produce and so use it as part of their CVs or to enter into competitions – e.g. for journalism awards.

Hours per week

The amount of time a volunteer wishes to put into his or her production(s) is entirely up to them, though Sheffield Talking News would expect any material offered to it to be of a reasonable standard – i.e. a realistic amount of time and care being given to it.


Training information

We would expect volunteers for this role to reasonably competent with audio recording and editing before they start, and to be able to generate their own ideas for items.  However Sheffield Talking News will be happy to give whatever support they can to help volunteers achieve their aims within the role.


DBS required?

DBS is not generally necessary.  However if a volunteer comes forward with an idea for an item that requires him/her to approach vulnerable people then Sheffield Talking News may consider helping the volunteer obtain DBS clearance.


Skills/Experience required

To be reasonably competent with audio recording and editing at the outset, and to be able to generate ideas for items.


Expenses information

All reasonable out of pocket expenses will be covered,