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Faizan Sajid

Activities Officer

"Volunteering as a Student can create a massive impact in your local community and provides an opportunity for you to make changes to the issues you care about."

Sheffield Mind

Recovery coach: mental health

Project Overview

To promote mental health recovery through coaching, mentoring and group work as part of the Springboard initiative.        

Skills Required

  • Empathy
  • Ability and confidence to challenge and encourage people to make positive changes
  • Basic understanding of mental health issues or a willingness to learn
  • Good interpersonal skills         
  • Ability to conduct constructive informal discussions with people in recovery
  • Ability to work without constant supervision as part of a supportive team.

What this role includes:

  • Introduce new participants to the Springboard project
  • Facilitate and encourage participation in whole group discussions
  • Conduct informal constructive discussions with participants
  • Record the outcomes of discussions.
  • Encourage participants to identify their recovery goals and the activities which will help to achieve these.
  • Take part in activities alongside participants to encourage participation
  • Review progress made by participants
  • Help set up and tidy the relevant venue space before and after Springboard
  • Participate in the planning of sessions


3.0 hours a week over a period of at least 6 months

To find out more information about this role and similar opportunities, book an informal chat appointment with a member of the Volunteering team.