Ratification (new clubs)
To set up a new Sports club, a minimum of 6 students must be willing to form a committee to run the club and they must have the names at least 14 prospective members who would be willing to pay to join the club if it was established.
If you would like to set up a new sports club then please get in touch with the Sports Club Programme Leader and arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas. Following an initial meeting you will be required to complete a New Club Application Form for consideration and approval by the Student' Union Representative Committee. You will also be required to complete and sign a copy of the Generic Sports Club Constitution and abide by the conditions.
In the first year of being established, a new club's programme of activity must be able to be funded exclusively through money raised by the club themselves (e.g. membership income and sponsorship). Subject to a satisfactory 'Development Fund' application the new club may be eligible to receive funds to support activity in subsequent years.
In accordance with the terms of the Generic Sports Club Constitution, any club who has less than 12 registered members by the end of the third week in Dec may be wound up.
Ratification (existing clubs)
Existing clubs are required to re-ratify every three years in accordance with Bye Law 8 of the Students' Union's Articles of Governance. This requires the club committee to complete the Club Application Form for consideration and approval by the Students' Union Representative Committee. Clubs whose ratification has lapsed will have their programme and accounts suspended until their ratification has been approved.
Sports Working Group Elections
The Sports Working Group will consist of nine members: 
Recreation Rep
Participation and Social Sports Rep
BUCS Team Rep x 3
BUCS Individual Rep
3 x Event Reps
The Sports Working Group will be elected online through the Students' Union website. Students can nominate themselves for the positions by contacting the Sport & Physical Activity Officer. Sports Working Group Representatives will sit on the 'Your Union Zone Committee' and be required to attend meetings regularly through the academic year.
Sports Club Committe Elections
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