SHSU is home to over 100 student-run Societies.

Societies are run by students for students, and cover a range of hobbies and shared interests as well as academic societies. New societies are created each year so you're sure to find something that suits you. Find your people and meet your mates for life, develop new skills or just unwind doing something you enjoy.

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Your Society of the Year 2021/22 is Hallam Union Pole!

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You can check out what our Societies are up to on their social media pages. For any enquiries or to book an appointment with the team, please email us at activitiesadmin@shu.ac.uk.


What is a Society?

A Society at SHSU is a group of students that share a similar passion, interest or hobby. Societies provide a chance to meet similar students to you, and take part in the things you love. Joining a Society is also the perfect chance to try something new!

Where can I find a list of all Societies?

You can view our Social Societies and Academic Societies online. When you find a Society that you're interested in, click on the Society's logo to see more information about them, including their contact details, links to their social media channels, and information on joining.

How do I join a Society?

To join a Society, simply login to our website with your SHU login and choose which Society membership you wish to purchase. Click through to the checkout, where you can pay any membership fee and fill in your details. Even if the society doesn't charge a fee, you still need to 'purchase' a membership through the website - you just won't have to pay any money.

I joined a Society but haven't heard from them

You should contact the Society to find out when they will next be meeting. Each Society should have contact details on their webpage.

I have concerns about how a Society is being run

If you have any concerns about one of the Students’ Union Societies, please contact a member of SHSU Staff directly at activitiesadmin@shu.ac.uk.

I can't find the right Society for me

Why not set up your own Society?! All you need is a great idea and 10 interested students. If you have any questions, just contact us at activitiesadmin@shu.ac.uk.