Frequently Asked Questions

SET - Frequently Asked Questions

So many questions on your mind about SET?We've answered some frequently asked questions to help you out. If you can't find the answer to your question, or you need more information,please get in touch with us at skillstraining@shu.ac.uk

What is a student employability training programme?

The Student Employability Training programme is designed to enhance the job readiness and career prospects of students by equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed in the workforce.

Who can participate in the Student Employability Training programme?

Typically, any student who has a leadership role, society leadership, committee member, BAME Ambassador, Student Representatives, Student Staff and/or volunteers with Sheffield Hallam University can participate in the Student Employability Training Programme.

What are the benefits of participating in a student employability training programme?

The benefits of participating in the Student Employability Training programme include gaining valuable meta-skills, enhancing transferable skills, improving job readiness, developing new soft skills, expanding professional networks, and increasing job prospects after graduation.

How long does the Student Employability Training Programme typically last?

The duration of the Student Employability Programme can vary widely depending on the student. Our programme is designed as a self-paced, self-led training path. This includes a pre-curated list of skills learning through LinkedIn learning and additional supplement to experience the advanced levels of the learning through simulated real-time assessment centres. Typically, this program can last from 15 weeks to 26 weeks based on the learner’s pace.

Is there a cost to participate in the Student Employability Training Programme?

This is completely free for any students who are eligible for the programme and a member of Sheffield Hallam Student Union.

How can students find and apply for student employability training programme?

Students can use ‘Register Your interest’ button on the Skills, Employability and Training webpage of the student union or at the student union’s reception. As this is a rolling enrolment programme the application process is open all day. You will be grouped into cohorts as we receive applications and assign you to the training programme learning path.

How do I keep a record of my progress of the programme?

All students enrolled into the programme will be sent a link to SET handbook which guides the trainees with enough information about the program. Also, the program allows the trainee to record their daily learning abilities, introspection and progress.

Will I be given support during the programme?

Every student of the Student Employability Training programme are followed up on their progress through the program. We have 1-1 support session for anyone who will need it through our appointment services booked via the SET webpage at the student union..

Will you help me in building my CV, get me a job and set up a LinkedIn Profile?

As a part of the program on your level 3, the Careers Connect will provide you a service to build your CV, set up your LinkedIn profile to your field of interest and guide you to get a job in your field of interest or expertise.

How will I be awarded the levels of learning and how will I know the completion of the programme?

Even though this is a self-paced and self-led training programme, you will be updated with enough insights on the progress of you and the cohort you belong to. We will let you know your completion and award you certificate of levels completed.