The world we live in is unpredictable. Things are constantly changing and new technologies quickly evolving placing new demands on our skill set. With these unpredictable changes that lay ahead students are entering a world of work where they may feel underprepared. Adapting yourself to the infinite loop of changes every day is essential!

Bearing these things in mind, how can you you feel confident and demonstrate and articulate to employers that you are able to adapt and thrive in such unprecedented times?

To help equip you, the SET Team have created the Student Employability Training Programme. 

This programme focuses on meta skills - master skills that allow us to magnify and activate other skills quickly and more effectively- and encourages reflective writing on practical experiences.  The programme aims to develop your appreciation, acknowledgement and articulation of employability enhancing skills and experience, thus helping you to feel more equipped with the skillset required to enter the modern workforce. 

Participation levels

The SET programme is designed be self-led and help you reflect on the capacity you have already acquired, inherited, and possess as a result of progress in your academic studies, extra-curricular activities and student leadership role positions undertaken.  With 3 different levels, the programme gives you the opportunity to critically reflect on your absorbed information and help you process information on these skills through LinkedIn Learning courses.

It's a gym to train your mind muscles at your own pace.  Select a level to find out more.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Interested in the programme? Simply register your interest. If you need more details or guidance, book an informal chat with one of the team.

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