Stuck for something to do at home? Check out our list of resources we've pulled together!

Self guided walks

New to the city? Fancy a new walk? Use one of our self guided walking tours to explore something new from the city centre, artwork and music.

Guest speakers

We have been lucky enough to have some great guest speaker events, from students and volunteering projects to Love Island stars!

Keeping active

Try our very own Hallam workouts and other physical activities to help keep you fit and healthy, both physically and mentally.

Arts and crafts

Get in touch with your crafty side and try out some of our arts and craft activities.

Things to do

Stuck in a slump? From books and podcasts, to TV shows and online classes, we have some cool suggestions to perk you up!

Staying calm

Struggling to stay calm with upcoming exams and deadlines? Explore our recommendations to help you relax.