Give it a Go - Airsoft

DATE: Saturday 29 October 2022

TIME: 7:30am - 5pm

LOCATION: Meet at the Hubs (Skirmish Airsoft - Woodland, Kitchener Plantation, Ollerton Road)


£18.00 (General)
£5.00 (Students)

Give it a Go - Airsoft

So you've tried paintball and you enjoyed it. (Apart from being charged an arm and a leg for paintballs!) But if you want a little more? Then Airsoft is the right place to be! What is Airsoft? Well, Airsoft is a combat simulation sport, that is similar in many respects to paintball but with a few key differences. Most importantly is the use of airsoft guns that are basically sport grade bb guns, similar to the little plastic bb guns you had as a kid. Come along and Try it out - it may just surprise you and you may end up getting hooked. Game days are filled with adrenaline, high paced action and plenty of teamwork and camaraderie that will just fill your day with fun and excitement.


Please note: 
There are 2 Tickets available

  1. £18 General Ticket - This ticket covers your coach ticket and Hire kit from us (this includes safety equipment, Rifle & 1000 BB's to use), There are limited numbers available.

  2. £5 Student Ticket - This ticket covers only the coach ticket NO HIRE KIT. If you have your own kit then choose this ticket - or alternatively you can also hire from the Airsoft site for £20 (LIMITED NUMBERS)

Regardless of which ticket you buy all those who attend MUST pay £25 for the site Entry Fee.

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