Vinyasa Flow Yoga - SHU Yoga Society

DATE: Tuesday 26 October 2021

TIME: 5pm - 6pm



£4.00 (Members)
£6.00 (Students)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - SHU Yoga Society

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

From a typical class you can expect a mixture of both “Hatha” and “Vinyasa” style yoga. Modern yoga classes consider Hatha style to be the slow paced, broken down and fully explained, held-for-a-few-rounds-of-breath type style. Whereas ‘Vinyasa’ (‘to place with purpose’) works with the breath to create a flowing movement of poses that link together in a sequence called a Vinyasa Flow.

In these classes we will move slowly to start off with and break down the poses we are ‘flowing’ through, so this slow flow is suitable for beginners.

Classes are open to staff and students! A limited amount of mats are available to hire, but we suggest bringing along your own.