Gentle Hatha Yoga - SHU Yoga Society

DATE: Sunday 14 November 2021

TIME: 3pm - 4pm


Gentle Hatha Yoga - SHU Yoga Society

Gentle Hatha Yoga

The word Hatha has been adopted by the western world and used to describe any general yoga class where the poses are held for 5-7 breaths per Asana (pose). In our yoga instructor's Hatha classes she takes students through a relaxation to focus the breath, mobilisation to get the joints and spine ready for bigger movement, sun salutation sequences to fully mobilise and warm the body followed by the main focus for the class. The main phase of the Hatha class changes each week and every week is ended with a supine cool down and an ending meditation. 

These classes are designed so that the yogi who wants a more gentle, slow paced, mindful hatha class can come and enjoy breathing and holding poses; almost using the class as a movement meditation.

This class is also suitable for complete beginners; if you’ve walked in off the street and you’ve never done yoga before, if you did some yoga once, long ago but have forgotten how, if you’re returning to yoga following a long break from exercise or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about without any pressure to stand on your head or “look good” ; then this delightful class is for you.

Classes are open to staff and students! A limited amount of mats are available to hire, but we suggest bringing along your own.