The Psychology of Ghosts and Hauntings

The Psychology of Ghosts and Hauntings

DATE: Friday 14 December 2018

TIME: 7pm - 9pm

LOCATION: Charles Street 12.0.06, Dorothy Fleming Lecture Theatre

Professor Chris French, Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit, Goldsmiths University, will talk about the psychology of ghosts and hauntings.

Opinion polls repeatedly show relatively high levels of belief in ghosts even in modern Western societies. Furthermore, a sizeable minority of the population claim to have personally encountered a ghost. This talk will consider a number of factors that may lead people to claim that they have experienced a ghost even though they may not in fact have done so. Topics covered will include hoaxes, sincere misinterpretation of natural phenomena, hallucinatory experiences and pareidolia (seeing things that are not there), the fallibility of eyewitness testimony, the possible role of complex electromagnetic fields and infrasound, photographic evidence, EVP, and the role of the media.

You do not need a ticket, but we are asking for voluntary donations to cover the cost of the event.