The Last Taboo Sheffield Hallam - Drop In Session

DATE: Monday 18 October 2021

TIME: 3pm - 4pm

LOCATION: Hideout, the HUBS.

The Last Taboo Sheffield Hallam - Drop In Session

Passionate about addressing sexual violence and sexual harassment at University?

Come by to learn more about The Last Taboo Sheffield Hallam and how to get involved. 

What is The Last Taboo? It started in November 2020, at the University of York, after being founded by two students there.

It aims to raise awareness amongst students about what Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment is, encourage students to do play their part in addressing it, and enabling students to work collaboratively with the University they are in. Now it is in the process of expanding to 5 Universities (and more) - One of them is Sheffield Hallam. Learn more about the SHU branch and the role you can play by attending this drop-in session at the Students' Union.