Volunteering: Goalball UK

DATE: Saturday 29 January 2022

TIME: 8am - 5pm

LOCATION: Sheffield


£0.00 (One-Off Volunteering)

Volunteering: Goalball UK

Goalball UK are looking for volunteers to help assist with the running of their tournemants. 

There are a range of opportunities available at Goalball UK tournaments. Below are the various roles available that will help you identify how you can contribute.

- Table Officials

- Timer – is responsible for timing the whole game.

- Ten Second Timer – to ensure the 10 second rule is adhered to by the teams

- Scorer – responsible for recording the game accurately, time outs, substitutions

- Event Assistant - there to assist with the running of the event.

Shifts are Generally 8.30am - 5pm, but flexible - We understand students lead busy lives and are happy to have them on board for a morning, an afternoon, a day or a full weekend.

We hope that through volunteering at Goalball UK tournaments, students will be able to obtain relevant skills and experiences that will be vital when they step out of university and into the work place. They will receive a uniform to wear whilst undertaking your role duties. All expenses (e.g. travel, accommodation and food for tournaments) will be paid in line with Goalball UK policies. As an Activator on the programme they will be eligible to undertake related courses and qualifications, such as coaching and official’s awards .

Without the help of the volunteers we would not be able to hold our competitions.

Sign up for your free ticket to find out more. Deadline 27th January