GIAG - Release the Pressure - de-stress and get focus

GIAG - Release the Pressure - de-stress and get focus

DATE: Thursday 20 May 2021

TIME: 5pm - 6pm



£0.00 (Standard)

After the success of Danni's last coaching session with our students we are welcoming her back for another session for our students. 

This will be an uplifting session to help you reduce stress, realise your inner strengths, and re-energise for whatever lies ahead.

The session will involve a guided meditation and some grounding breath work. It will be a safe space to slow down and learn some tools to manage a busy mind and build your confidence to stay in a positive mindset for exams, assignments and beyond.

Danielle is a certified life coach with a focus on empowerment and mindset. Danielle helping people to uncover their confidence and self-belief. She uses a gentle yet powerful approach to encourage people realise their power and step up to create the life they want. 

Still not convinced.....see what our students felt after her last session

"I am very happy and lucky"

"That I am amazing in many ways"

"I can cope and I have made changes to try and help me manage"