Give It A Go - Vegan Food Cooking

Give It A Go - Vegan Food Cooking

DATE: Friday 30 April 2021

TIME: 4pm - 5pm



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Are you on the lookout for the next delicious vegan food recipe?

Adina (@VeganGirlBoss on Instagram) is a true inspiration when it comes to easy, nourishing and good-looking vegan dishes. If you don’t believe us, check her feed!

Join us on Friday April 30th from 4pm and we’ll cook together one of her favourite vegan dishes.

Get your free ticket, get the ingredients below and let's cook together!

Spicy Tofu Buddha Bowl

carbs (pick your fav): rice/small potatoes/quinoa/any noodles or pasta etc. protein: spicy garlic tofu (recipe)
fats: avocado and hummus for sauce (store-bought)
veg (pick your fav 1 or 2): bell pepper/cucumber/cabbage/mushroom etc. greens (pick your fav): any salad leaves (spinach, lettuce, rocket etc.)

Spicy garlic tofu ingredients:

  • 1 block of tofoo hard tofu (plain or smoked)

  • corn starch

  • any veg oil

  • salt & black pepper

  • maple syrup

  • any hot sauce

  • rice vinegar or lemon (optional)

  • soy sauce

  • garlic

  • red onion

  • green onion (optional)

  • chilli pepper (optional)