Resilience Training: Reframing Your Mindset

Resilience Training: Reframing Your Mindset

DATE: Thursday 22 April 2021

TIME: 5:30pm - 6:30pm



£0.00 (Standard)

Did you know that a large part of how you feel comes from the way you think about things? The good news is that you can learn to change the way that you think and talk to yourself in order to have a more optimistic and growth focused mindset.

This workshop will show you two scientific models of thinking to help you understand your current style as well as equip you with tools that you can use to slowly change your thought patterns – leading to a happier and more positive you.

  • Learn what is meant by a growth and a fixed mindset
  • Understand the importance of language and self talk on how you feel about situations
  • Learn how to use a basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tool to reframe your own self talk
  • Explore some of your own self talk and create action points for thinking more positively

This session will be delivered via zoom and a link to the session will be emailed once a ticket is booked.