Give It A Go - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Give It A Go - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

DATE: Monday 25 January 2021

TIME: noon - 1pm



£0.00 (Student)

Start your week the right way with our free GIAG - Vinyasa Flow Yoga. All you need to do is register for a free ticket and we will send you the zoom link to join the class with our instructor Joanne 

From a typical class you can expect a mixture of both “Hatha” and “Vinyasa” style yoga. Modern yoga classes consider Hatha style to be the slow paced, broken down and fully explained, held-for-a-few-rounds-of-breath type style. Whereas ‘Vinyasa’ (‘to place with purpose’) works with the breath to create a flowing movement of poses that link together in a sequence called a Vinyasa Flow.

Whilst the final flow section of class can be a faster pace, this is a very inclusive supportive environment where you can take any variation you need. Every class starts with mobilisation, pranayama practice, classic sun salutations, the theme of the week’s flow, seated postures, a supine twist and a relaxation meditation to close. We move slowly to start off with and break down the poses we are ‘flowing’ through, so this slow flow is suitable for beginners.