"How to be an Active Ally" with Nuzrath Mowlana

"How to be an Active Ally" with Nuzrath Mowlana

DATE: Tuesday 27 October 2020

TIME: 4pm - 5:30pm



£0.00 (Standard)

Join us in a discussion on the various forms of allyship, understanding the role of an ally, and the power of organising as a collective to create tangible change.

This training session will be facilitated by Nuzrath's Mowlana who has a wealth of experience in teaching, writing and directing Films, plays, documentaries and songs, winning many awards for the same. As a large contributor to the development of IEMS Examinations Pvt Ltd, she was involved in providing consultancy and coaching in the sector of film, theatre and digital media and worked with a mixture of businesses including new, long-established and family owned businesses. She enjoys working with NEET youngsters and promoting entrepreneurship. Her skills also extend to business strategy, leadership, sales and marketing, team building and coaching.