Self Defence Class

Self Defence Class

DATE: Monday 04 November 2019

TIME: 6pm - 7:30pm

LOCATION: The Stage: The Hubs

Join us for a 6 week Self Defence & Martial Arts introduction course.

Teaching all elements of Shaolin Kung Fu & Internal Kung Fu. A combination of Self Protection for Women & Men, Health & Energy Arts, Traditional Kung Fu Fitness strategies and advanced fighting.  

Taught by Alistair Chatterley of Zion Circle, 25 years experience in Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Western arts. Former European Champion of Full Contact Chinese Sword Fighting Tournament. (Jian Fa)

This programme is £35 for the 6 week course with certificate on completion or alternitvely £6 per session. Payment is to be made to the instructor on the day.

Please wear sports clothing.


If you have any questions regarding the sessions please contact Alistair (ajchatterley06@gmail.com)