Talking Gigs - Attab Haddad Quartet From Baghdad to Seville

Talking Gigs - Attab Haddad Quartet From Baghdad to Seville

DATE: Wednesday 02 October 2019

TIME: 7:30pm - 11pm


Flamenco music and dance is the folk art and culture aspects of Spain, more specifically to the province of Andalusia in the southern part of the country. 
It contains “rhythmic punctuation” using quarter notes and handclaps in the background setting a meter for the piece, being all in all very similar to Arab world music. This is in part due to the fact that before the Spanish Inquisition in the late 1400’s when they were expulsed, Arabs lived in Andalusia.

Attab Haddad is an oud player who is fascinated by musical connections between the Middle East and Southern Spain. His show From Bagdhad to Seville will bring the Attab Haddad Quartet and a flamenco dancer to the stage so we can share their insights into these connections.

Attab has studied in London, Cairo, Istanbul and Greece. His own compositions have been on radio and TV, as film scores and in plays. He has collaborated with a variety of musicians and artists including Juan Martin, Cerys Matthews and Ramon Ruiz.

His own compositions are influenced by Flamenco, Jazz and Middle Eastern music. He also explores the common ground between the folk music of the Middle East and the Moorish influence in southern Spain.