Volunteering: Roundabout Fundraising Volunteer

Volunteering: Roundabout Fundraising Volunteer

DATE: Friday 22 February 2019

TIME: 9am - 6pm

LOCATION: Tesco store around Sheffield

Roundabout - Sheffield's youth homeless charity providing shelter, support and life skill for young people aged 16-24 is organising a monthly fundraising event in some Tesco stores around Sheffield. Volunteers are needed to help them run the event smoothly.

Volunteers will be an ambassador for Roundabout to raise public awearness about Youth Homelessness and the organisation's actitivties. On they day, you will be bucket collecting at a Testco store and answer general public questions.

Spaces for this opportunity are really limited so sign up is necessary. But don't worry, the upcoming event will be opened at 9:00 on 7th Feb 2019 so just keep you eyes on your website for further update. 

Sign ups for this opportunity are closed at 12:00 (midday) on 21st Feb

To sign up to this event please buy your free ticket now. Don't forget to confirm your ticket in your basket!