Body Confidence Workshop

Body Confidence Workshop

DATE: Thursday 28 February 2019

TIME: 3pm - 6pm


In a world of social media it can be difficult to love yourself for who you are. There's so much pressure on both men and women to have a certain body type, its not right. The Happiness Bootcamp is here to say no, to tell the world to stick its body shaming where the sun doesnt shine.

Join The Happiness Bootcamp in an evening of learning to love who you are. This 3 hour packed session will be filled with confidence tips, advice on dealing with pressure and awful thoughts and ways to say HELL YEAH to who you are.

The session will be followed with fun mindful mediation/exercise like you've never seen before to help you really touch grounds with yourself.

The Happiness Bootcamp welcomes any ages, we love to spread our love and positivity to everyone! (we do ask that anyone aged 15 and under does come accompained by an adult).

We ask you come in comfortable wear suitable for some exercise, leggings, trackies or even a onesie is cool with us.

There will be a photographer on site but we will NOT be taking photos of people's faces who do not want it. This is solely to capture certain elements of the event, if you wish to have your photo taken and are happy for it to be on the Bootcamp website, please go for it! If not, please do let us know or message us for more details!

My name is Aimee and I run The Happiness Bootcamp. This is a social enterprise project aiming to use fitness to heal mental health and create a better wellbeing. Exercise of all kinds helps to release endorphins into the body (the happy hormone!) contributing to a happy you! I use events and social media to create a community of positive thinking, self love and confidence. Events allow even the compete beginner to learn a new fitness skill that can benefit them mentally. Together is better than alone x


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This training could help you reflect on and develop the following Graduate Attribute: