Talking Gigs presents Lakou Mizik

Talking Gigs presents Lakou Mizik

DATE: Sunday 15 April 2018

TIME: 7pm - 11pm


“Lakou Mizik, formed after the devastating Haitian earthquakes of 2010, is a genial cross-generational coalition along the lines of the Buena Vista Social Club. Its songs, some of which are topical, draw on the rhythms and incantations of voodoo, the trumpeting of rara carnival music and hearty call-and-response vocal harmonies on their way to galloping, exultant dance grooves.” - The New York Times

Their debut album, Wa Di Yo, released in 2016 reflects the African, French, Caribbean and U.S. influences that collide in Haiti. The spirit-stirring vodou rhythms and call-and-response vocals are supported by the French café lilt of the accordion. Intricate bass lines and interlocking guitar riffs mesh mesmerizingly with the joyful polyrhythmic hocketing of rara horns. These powerful layers are topped by sing-along melodies with inspiring, socially conscious lyrics. The end result is a soulful stew of deeply danceable grooves that feels strangely familiar yet intensely new -- and 100% Haitian.

We are delighted to be able to present the band in what will be one of just a handful of gigs this year. Be prepared to learn something of the history and recent past of Haiti and its music … but don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes as well!