Student Education Conference (4-7)

DATE: Thursday 16 February 2017

TIME: 4pm - 7pm

LOCATION: Charles Street

Student Education Conference (4-7)

The Student Education Conference is an opportunity for Reps to meet each other, share good ideas and take part in different workshops. With guest speakers this will be a fantastic event to help you develop your skills in being an effective Rep.

The Student Education Conference aims to help students make a positive contribution to the Rep system and actively engage with the Student voice at Sheffield Hallam University. Share your experiences in being an effective rep and learn new skills to reach more students. There are two sessions a morning (1pm - 5pm) or afternoon (4pm -7pm). 

Please register your attendance. You can email any enquries to studentreps@shu.ac.uk or alternatively call Katie on 0114 225 2893.