Elections FAQ's

Why do we have elections?

Because the Education Act 1994 says we need to! Any appointment to a major Union office must be by election in a secret ballot. We also believe that it gives Sheffield Hallam students an opportunity to have a say in the direction of their students union.

Who can stand?

Any current Sheffield Hallam student can stand excluding Erasmus and Exchange students (they are not entitled to stand as they are not full members of the Union).

Who can vote?

Any current Sheffield Hallam student can vote including Erasmus & Exchange students.

What is a manifesto?

A manifesto tells people why you want to represent them and why they should vote for you; it sets out your ideas and plans. Essentially your manifesto needs to say WHY you think you would make a good officer/rep and WHAT you would do if you were elected. Start by introducing yourself, think about the reasons you would be good for the position and stick to the key issues that you would work on if you were elected.

How does campaigning work?

In the context of elections, campaigning is what candidates do to get votes – it’s not just handing out leaflets. Successful candidates take time to listen and speak to students, find out about the current issues relevant to the role they’re standing for and persuade voters with ideas and enthusiasm, not just trendy slogans or avalanches of tweets.

What's a Slate?

A slate is when candidates pull resources together and campaign together. We DO NOT allow this at Sheffield Hallam as we believe that it could give certain candidates an unfair advantage.

How does voting work?

Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union uses Transferable Voting. This means you rank candidates in order of preference; you place a 1 next to your favourite candidate. 2 against your 2nd favourite etc. Watch this handy video to help you further understand the process here.