Donate, Don’t Waste This Summer


By Abbie Dodson

Ever heard of Donate Don’t Waste? It’s a scheme that supports students moving out of their student accommodation. The scheme helps students to recycle and reduce the tonnes of waste that gets left behind each year. At Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union, we know how stressful moving out can be, but the Donate Don’t Waste scheme is so easy, you should definitely give it a try this summer.

So, why should you spend time recycling? Not only is participating in Donate Don’t Waste (DDW) better for the environment, but you could also benefit amazing charities, such as The British Heart Foundation, whilst making moving out easier for you.

DDW is simple; and covers almost every type of waste you could be leaving this summer. Clothes, shoes, handbags, kitchenware, CDs & DVDs, textiles and small electrical items can be collected in official British Heart Foundation Bags and donated at collection points around Sheffield. Such points are listed on this map.

Similarly, unopened non-perishable food can be donated to Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union. We will then distribute your unwanted food to different charities across Sheffield. Last year, we collected over 3 tonnes of food. It’s also important to use your blue and brown bins to recycle. Plastic boxes, tin cans and glass go in the brown bin, and paper and card go in the blue bin.

As for kitchenware and other living necessities, have you asked housemates who are continuing on with their studies for another year? Are relatives beginning their university careers and moving into their own accommodation? Ask around and see if your unwanted kitchenware will save someone some money.

If you are moving out of Halls of Residence, consider talking to reception about recycling facilities and food banks. They may also have helpful information regarding British Heart Foundation Drop off points. As a last resort for non-recyclable items, clear bin sacks can be collected from The HUBS, Accommodation Services and Heart of the Campus reception. These can be filled with rubbish and left out on your street to be collected. Anything in these bags will be incinerated, so please only fill with waste. There will be extra bin collections on certain roads between June 17th and July 5th to collect the clear bags. More information about clear sacks is available here.

Donate Don’t Waste is a great scheme, and we encourage every student to give it a go. Your actions will make moving easier whilst helping the local community. For more information, leaflets are available from Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union.        


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