Finding my escape through the Theatre Society…


By Jack Underwood 


Hello! My name is Jack Underwood, also known as Chubbs to the members of HSU Theatre...

I am currently in third year studying Maths with Education and QTS at Sheffield Hallam University. I joined HSU Theatre in my second year as I missed being on stage and around people who shared the same love for acting. Members of HSU Theatre are remarkably sociable and made me feel welcome and comfortable from the get-go. With my course being a very intense one theatre is a good escape and gives me a creative outlet.

The first play I performed with HSU Theatre was Young Frankenstein where I landed the main role Dr Frankenstein. The rehearsals were stressful but very rewarded and the shows themselves were amazing. It’s always a great feeling getting off stage and have a wonderful support group cheering you on! I am thankful I joined the society, I have made so many lifelong friends and I have never regretted my decision. 


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