Why I Think You Should Vote!


By Jess Brown

Before I go on I just want to say this isn’t going to be a preachy blog post. You’ll have heard that it’s important to vote and to have your say, oodles and although that’s pure truth, whether it be in politics (let’s not discuss Brexit) or in a University election, there can be an instant disconnect when people try and force someone to do something. It can be one of the reasons why some people don’t vote! But another important thing to establish is you don’t have to vote. The campaigns around uni are not allowed to be held in libraries and classes meaning they aren’t allowed to smother you constantly. Throughout history one human forcing their beliefs on another has never gone well. To get people to see your point of view you have to be chill and show they your actual point.

So with that said! If you don’t want to vote that’s fine but there are reasons you should as it could help not just you but your fellow students too. Previously the officers have helped install the following around the Uni: the 24 hour library, the cash machine at Collegiate campus, the HUBS to Collegiate shuttle bus and microwaves at the library! So they are important and they do improve life around the Uni. The 24 hour library has saved many of our lives many times round deadline week let’s all admit it. In the Hallam Elections you can vote for five full-time student Officers: President, Activities Officer, Welfare and Community Officer, Sports and Physical Activity Officer and a Sports Officer, plus several part-time reps including LGBT+ Rep, Women's Rep, faculty reps, Postgraduate Student Rep and more! There are loads of candidates running and you can choose your favourite here -

https://www.hallamstudentsunion.com/elections - Voting closes at 12 midday tomorrow!

But there’s also some possible big changes to how things are going to be run at the Students' Union from here on out. And one of the main possible rejigs would make quite an impact on how everything operates with a new policy submission process, new Officer accountability panels held to ensure that your Officers are doing the best job they possibly can all round.  you've elected are sticking to their manifestos and doing good things for Hallam students. For the first time, Trans students would have their own rep as well as Parent and Carer students, and postgraduate students would have separate PG Taught and PG Research reps. There'll be new committees and those committees that are already going on eg. Welfare, Volunteering and Societies will be officially brought in and would have to go if the changes don't get passed.

You can find the full details on the referendum you can vote on here:

https://www.hallamstudentsunion.com/referenda/ - Voting closes at 5pm tomorrow!

I love our Students' Union now but more representation and more accessibility is always positive. More ability for feedback and interaction with actual students across the University buildings would be amazing. Whatever you decided to do, vote or no vote, It’s 2019 and things are changing around us all the time whether we care for it or not. It’s up to us to influence those decisions and we do truly influence them by voting even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like we do.


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