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Aspiration is a heavy word. It’s easy to forget that an ambition or aspiration doesn’t have to be being the Prime Minister or ruling the world from your secret evil lair. It can be anything; getting up on time for uni, aspiring to join a society, make new friends. Even just dancing more in public! From big to small, personal challenges are very important to staying stimulated in this life.


You’re at uni, which probably means you’re studying a subject you’re passionate about. It’s important to keep these passionate flames lit, and the grind of uni life (and post-uni work life) can sometimes make us lose sight of what we want to do. I Pledge To is a two week campaign run by your Students' Union to try and get you thinking about your goals, aspirations and ambitions, whatever they may be. It’s also here to inform you about the departments within the Students' Union which can help you to overcome these challenges and achieve your goals.


One of the main aspects of the campaign is also a chance to win Give it a Go experiences by submitting your own pledges. By submitting your pledge, not only are you making positive steps to completing these pledges, but also, if your pledge is to try something new, you’re in with the chance of winning an opportunity to achieve this pledge at your Students' Union!


Click here and complete the form to make your pledge:  



Here are a few ideas that can help you decide on your pledge!



Joining a society is great fun and can lead to new friendships, personal skill development and deep talks about the subjects you love. Be it a sport, dance class, games or film society, you can meet likeminded people. We not only have Students' Union Officers who you can contact but also a nifty list of the current societies. And if you don’t see one you’re looking for, you have the option here of starting one yourself!




Fancy doing something to help others? The volunteering team at the Hubs is here to help you find opportunities in and around Sheffield. The local community can always do with extra hands to help out, and it’s not only personally rewarding but it's something great to add to your CV too.



Some examples include volunteering with a charity:



Or helping out within schools:



Sports and Varsity:

You can find many different physical activities in the Society pages, but if you are looking for more team based sports you can contact the Students' Union Sports Officer. You may also be interesting in participating or spectating in Varsity which is always oodles of fun!


Here’s an A - Z of the sports clubs and few other helpful links:






There are many different ways the University and the Students' Union represent us as students. There are Student Reps for your course and Representation Officers who work in all areas from religion, LGBTQ+ and Women’s Rights. They ensure that everyone is getting fair treatment whilst at uni. Could one of your challenges be learning about the different cultures of your university, or even becoming a Student Rep yourself? If so, learn more here:




Skills and Training:

Fancy some computer training, yoga or gardening? There are skills and training courses available through the Students' Union, offering advice on everything from how to practise self-care to developing workplace skills, to help you make the most of your time at uni.


There are so many courses you can take part in. The upcoming courses on autism awareness and mental health training are definitely worth checking out:  


Digital Skills Drop In - Create Effective Posters:


Emergency First Aid at Work:



In case this wasn't enough to inspire you to make a pledge, here is a list of fun events that are happening over the next few months in and around Sheffield Hallam Students' Union!




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