How to become a procrastination free zone! Life Skills 101


If exams were based on how much we procrastinated, just think how many of us would graduate with 1st class degrees!

On a more serious note, we are all guilty of procrastinating! Sometimes procrastination can come about as a result of feeling overwhelmed which can lead to you feeling stressed which can then lead to even  bigger problems. The last thing we want is for procrastination to have an impact on your mental wellbeing. According to Student Minds, 82% of students will suffer from stress and anxiety whilst at university.

There are a number of tips and tricks that you can implement to help you stop procrastinating as much. Things such as identifying the main reason(s) why you procrastinate in the first place and then putting the steps in place to help minimze it.

Check out our tips below to help you become a procrastination free zone!

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