What the Hallam Award did for me....


By Katy Johnson

Hello, I am a recent 2:1 marketing graduate from Sheffield Hallam University, it has been 5 months now since I’ve finished my degree. I completed the Hallam Award during my final year of studies, it was a stressful time but also so rewarding!

Originally, I undertook a business studies degree but changed to marketing after my first year of study. I enjoyed the creative aspect of marketing but also was still interested in the business side of marketing so this was the correct choice for me personally.

At Hallam I believe I was surrounded by support and there were lots of things to be involved with. I value that Hallam specifically supports their pupils throughout their studies. For me personally, I work better with hands on experience rather than writing essays. I was so pleased with the support I was given towards my academic development as I am dyslexic. The system Hallam has to offer for my dyslexic supported me so much with my academic writing, organisation and time management. Especially, within my final year of study I would meet with my 1 to 1 study skills support officer every week to ensure I was on track with my deadlines and keeping in mind the end goal. Without my study skills support officer, I highly believe I wouldn’t have achieved the grade I have now which will make such an impact on my future.

Within my first year of study I wasn’t particularly interested in extracurricular activities as everything was so new, moving out, living with friends and getting used to the university way of working. However, as time went on, I began to get involved with other projects. I initially volunteered for a week marketing experience at Sheffield Doc/Fest, then progressed into completing a summer marketing internship at DW Graphic Design Ltd. These experiences inspired me to find out more about the university’s opportunities at the employability centre. I realised these extra less demanding positions would support my future prospects after university life and make me stand out. I undertook a Marketing Student Assistant role for two years alongside my studies.

I volunteered as a course representative and progressed onto a Department representative role. I completed a summer role at the university as an IT Assistant. Also, during my studies I completed two leadership courses with common purpose. As I reflected upon all of my achievements over the past year outside of my degree this is what drove me to apply for the Hallam Award!

I met the criteria for the Hallam Award without realising initially because I would have completed all of these extracurricular activities regardless. I would highly recommend students evaluate on their personal achievements throughout their studies as you may be eligible for the Hallam Award without realising! It’s an excellent attribute to add to your CV, highlighting that you haven’t just achieved skills academically but in other areas as well. Since graduating, I have completed a 2-month Hallam internship with Gradcore. This provided me with more experience within the marketing field and boosted my confidence. I began this just a month after finishing university I think this really helped me.

It’s highly overwhelming time finishing university and thinking what to do next?! There are so many choices and opportunities it’s hard to know where to begin. Luckily, I worked with a very supportive group of people which really helped me at this point in my life. I have done a little traveling since uni, I went to Barcelona and Venice which was a really nice relief after all of the university stresses. I have been searching for a longer-term marketing graduate job for the last 2 months, I’ve had 8 interviews but the competition is high so not successful yet. However, I’m about to begin a temporary bar job and will still look for marketing related roles alongside it.




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