Meet the Content Team


This year, we have a brand new Content Team on hand to provide you with everything you need to know about what we're up to and the things that affect you whilst at Hallam. Meet the team...

Jess Brown - Student Blogger

I'm Jess Brown, an artist and writer studying second-year illustration at Sheffield Hallam Universty. I'm extremely passionate about creating and spend most of my time playing with words or drawing whatever is on my mind. I'd say I'm your typical art student, so you'll probably find me walking around Sheffield with wild hair, ridiculously flamboyant clothing and my head in the clouds. Most of my work revolves around social issues, helping people or generally trying to make them laugh by being absurd and weird.

Abbie Dodson - Student Journalist

I’m Abbie Dodson, and I’m the student staff journalist at Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union. Alongside my work here, I am in my second year of studying Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University. I am a passionate animal rights advocate, and have been described as a “dog enthusiast” by people who know me too well. I enjoy writing about prominent social issues, including gender discrimination and situations that affect university students. I believe that journalism should be honest, unbiased, and factual, and hope that these values are evident in my writing.

Lauren O'Donoghue - Student Podcaster

I'm Lauren, the podcaster for Sheffield Hallam Students' Union. I'm a second year Creative Writing student and audio enthusiast. My goal is to produce interesting and engaging podcasts for students which will keep them updated about the variety of opportunities available to them through the Students' Union.


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