One month on from World Mental Health Day


The 10th of October was World Mental Health Day. My Twitter feed was flooded with individuals, organisations and corporations sending out messages of support, signposting and awareness raising on mental health; sometimes sharing personal experiences of mental health and often encouraging others to talk about their own mental health.

In a culture of hashtags and social media trends, designated days such as these are often a good way to start a conversation by spotlighting difficult topics. Whilst I recognise the importance of starting these conversations and having spaces that allow these discussions to take place, awareness-raising cannot be the start and end of this discussion. When 1 in 4 adults experience mental ill health, it cannot become something we have a conversation about once and ignore for the rest of the year. We cannot simply encourage people to talk about their mental health and not put in place resources to support them when they do.

Let me be clear, World Mental Health Day is a good thing. Mental Health Awareness Week is a good thing. But we need to do more, and we will.

As a Students’ Union, we exist to represent your best interests and support you through your university journey.

As an Officer team we pledge to:

  1. Go beyond raising awareness of mental health; we will tackle the root causes
  2. Ensure that Hallam has fully funded, accessible and resourced mental health services, with culturally competent counsellors
  3. Lobby for shorter waiting times between students asking for support and receiving it
  4. Work to ensure that existing services are promoted appropriately and accessible to all students
  5. Ensure that all material is more accessible to international students
  6. Make mental health a year long priority campaign
  7. Keep our open door policy. If you ever need a chat, come speak to us!

What we need from you?

Join our campaigns! If you would like to get involved, even if you’re not sure how, email me on n.mowlana@shu.ac.uk or @HallamWelfare


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