Your Students' Union is here to help all Hallam Students feel supported and represented during their time at University. It is the job of the Students' Union to ensure you get the most from your Academic Experience.

So how has your Student Union supported you this year? We asked our students what they love about their SU. 

The Student Advice Centre

Throughout the course of this year, your Student Advice Centre has been working tirelessly to ensure your academic experience is protected. During lockdown the team have worked to ensure that all student cases have been resolved, giving students access to a range of self-help resources during the crisis and regular updates on COVID 19 and how this could affect students. The Advice Centre has also ensured that new students to the city have been provided with vital information on housing and advice on the safest and securest housing providers available to them. Students at Hallam commented on how the Advice Centre helped them to find snug accredited housing. To find out more about the snug scheme and the services available to you at the Student Advice Centre please click below. 

Societies & Activities

Throughout the COVID 19 pandemic, your Societies have put on a whole heap of virtual events, meet & greets and Give it A Go opportunities to ensure each and every student doesn't feel alone. Although a face to face Societies & Activities Fair wasn't possible this year, societies got involved in the virtual Societies Fair and hosted lots of events during September to make sure students still had the same experience. 

It's not too late to get involved in joining a society or event creating your own. Click below to check out the societies we have ready and waiting for you to join. 

Skills & Training

Throughout the pandemic, the Skills & Training team have continued to provide a full range of training opportunities and life skills sessions for students. The team have also worked on a Be Inspired programme of events and talks from industry experts and leaders for students to participate in. The team successfully launched another year of the Leadership programme with record-breaking numbers of students applying for the programme. The team have also continued to encourage students to take part in the Hallam Award alongside their studies. The Hallam Award provides students with an opportunity to reflect on the extracurricular activities they have done whilst studying at Hallam. 


Throughout the pandemic, the volunteering team have continued to provide a full range of volunteering opportunities for students. Not only that but the team have worked on a range of volunteering from home opportunities specifically organised for students during the pandemic. The team have provided guidance for all volunteers during the pandemic and worked with local organisations and charities across Sheffield to ensure the that students volunteering have plenty of opportunities and most importantly are kept safe whilst doing so. The team also worked on creating and running a Mutual Aid Facebook group for students who needed help but also wanted to help their local community during the pandemic. 


Since the pandemic began the representation department has worked alongside the SU Officers and Part-Time Reps to ensure your voices are heard and provided many forms of feedback for students. During the pandemic, the representation team worked alongside Officers and Reps to protect students grades during the pandemic launching the Hallam Safety Net campaign. Research was also conducted to find out how students were feeling during the pandemic how their mental health has been affected and if their university experience is what they expected. To find out more about what the entire representation team can do for you click below. 

Support during COVID 19

Since lockdown began in March 2020, the Students' Union has collectively been working hard to provide students with the same level of care and support as always. Although the building might have been closed, the Union worked to move all services and events online for students to access. A COVID portal was created to give students information on self-isolation, covid on campus and what they could get up to at the SU and around the city. Your previous Sports Officer Ellis Clark and current Wellbeing, Sport and Physical Activity Officer, Hannah Prestwich launched and continue to run the Corona Community on Facebook offering students things to do and events to attend. 

Your Student Union Officers

Your Officer team and your elected part-time reps have been working hard during the past year to support you through these difficult times. Here are just some examples of the fantastic work they have done this past year to improve your academic experience and ensure you are supported and represented. To read more about each of your Officers and what they are working on please click here.