Close-up of student smiling, with Union Voice logo to the left and 'Your experience matters' to the right

We’ve created a brand-new feedback platform to allow you to quickly tell us what you think because your experience matters. It’s called Union Voice.

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It only takes a minute to tell us your feedback and, although we always promote speaking to your Course or Department Rep first, this is another way that you can make your opinions heard. Whether you have something positive to say or something you want to see improved, Union Voice is your place to tell us.

Only the Students' Union will see your feedback and, as a team, decide the best way forward. If you agree, we might also share your non-anonymous feedback with your Course or Department Rep, depending on what you tell us.

Share your experience


What type of feedback can I share on Union Voice?

You can tell us about anything that is related to your experience as a student at Sheffield Hallam! Whether it is something you think is going well or something that needs to be improved, we want to hear about it.

How does Union Voice work?

Union Voice is an easy 3 step process:

  • Step 1: You share your feedback through Union Voice
  • Step 2: The Students’ Union team will read your feedback and decide how best to respond. You will receive an initial email acknowledging receipt of your query. You will then receive a tailored email from us telling you what happens next.
  • Step 3: Your anonymised feedback will be combined with other students’ and shared monthly with senior leaders in the University. This helps us to make change happen for you. If your query is related to your course, for example, we might share your non-anonymous feedback with your Course or Department Rep to ensure that you get help when you need it.

What can’t Union Voice do?

We cannot guarantee we are able to fix any issues you might have, particularly if your issues relate to specific course experiences. We will provide additional resources and share collective feedback with individuals and teams that will be able to make effective change. We recommend that you also speak to your Course or Department Rep for specific course experiences, as well as sharing via Union Voice.


We will also not be able to help with any immediate queries or risk of harm. You should call 999 for an emergency.

I would like to report an incidence of sexual violence, harassment, abuse or hate crime that I have been involved in or witnessed. Can Union Voice help me?

Union Voice is for gathering feedback from students about their university experience. If you or someone you know has experienced or witnessed sexual violence, harassment, abuse or hate crime, you can report via Report & Support. You can choose to report either anonymously or with personal details to get support from an adviser.

I need urgent help! Can Union Voice help me?

We cannot help with any immediate queries or risk of harm. Depending on what you need urgent help with, please contact either:

  • For queries related to your university experience, please contact Hallam Help
  • For serious immediate risk, please contact 999

Share your experience