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Wellbeing, self-compassion, and sex work

Researchers at the University of Leicester are conducting a project looking at Wellbeing, self-compassion, and sex work. The research project is titled A survey of UK university students: Wellbeing, self-compassion, and sex work. They are interested in learning about any different types of sex work that university students have been involved in, or would consider being involved in, and how different types of work may be related to factors such as wellbeing and self-compassion. We hope that the results can be used to inform support offered by student support services in the future. If you are interested in taking part, please read the Participant Information Sheet. You can also fill the survey in via the button below.

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Food Insecurity & Mental Wellbeing

A MSc Public Health student at Sheffield Hallam is currently researching food insecurity and the impact of this on students' mental wellbeing. This is a nation-wide study. The survey does not take long to complete. You can complete this survey by clicking the button below. If you have questions about this research, please contact Nnedinma at c1014206@my.shu.ac.uk.

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Coach Education

A current student is working as a Leadership & Development Assistant on placement with Sheffield Hallam. They are reviewing the current and future coach education programmes at SHU. If you have any thoughts or would like to be involved in the development of what coach education programmes students and staff might might or need, please get in touch directly with Louis at b9005711@my.shu.ac.uk.


Exploring Disabled People's Uses and Experiences on Instagram

Do you identify as having a physical disability? Are you between the ages of 18 to 25? Do you go on Instagram regularly? Do you have access to Google Meet? If yes, the following research project might be of interest to you.


Through 1 online private interview this research project wants to hear about your uses, experiences and perspectives you have of Instagram. There are no obligations to answer all the interview questions, neither are there right or wrong answers, and the project aims to learn more about your experiences. To find out more or get involved, please email dleatherbarrow1@sheffield.ac.uk.

Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate on Performance

Sheffield Hallam researchers are recruiting male sport athletes (18 years old and above) for a research study examining the effect of a novel muscle lotion on performance and recovery. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved with research at the forefront of sports medicine and trial a newly developed muscle lotion that may improve your performance/recovery.

What would you get out of it?
There are lots of incentives for taking part: • £25 gift voucher • free body composition test (usually £40) • scientific report outlining fitness levels (i.e., sprint speed, agility, explosive power, VO2max) • chance of winning £100/£50 gift voucher and Wolves FC merchandise • free sport supplements worth £30 (i.e., protein powders, gels)

What would you need to do?
Participants would need to attend Collegiate Campus on four separate occasions to perform high-intensity exercise tests specific to team sports (i.e., repeated sprints, agility, shuttle runs, vertical jumps). Ideally these 4 sessions would be over the course of approximately a month, i.e., 1 per week, however we could spread them out more if availability is an issue. Each session will take 2-3 hours. Small finger prick blood samples will be taken. Participants will be required to consume capsules (sodium bicarbonate or corn flour) and apply a newly developed muscle lotion onto their legs/lower back.

How do you take part?
If you are interested in taking part and you currently engage in team sports, or have done so in the past, please contact William Gurton on w.gurton@shu.ac.uk to find out further information about the study.


Widening participation to study abroad

Are you a home/domestic undergraduate student who identifies as coming from a low-income family or background?

Are you thinking of applying for or have recently applied to study abroad?

Have you already studied abroad during your degree or are currently studying abroad?

If so, I’d love to hear from you! I’m Lindsay, a PhD student in Education, whose research aims to explore how access to study abroad can be made fairer and more equitable. I’d be very interested in speaking to anyone who meets the above criteria to hear about their experiences of and motivations for study abroad engagement.

This will involve taking part in an online interview, on the platform of your preference, which will last around 30 minutes. You will also receive an Amazon voucher to the value of £10 after the interview as a token of appreciation for your time.

If you’d like to participate, then please email me at lah84@cam.ac.uk or complete the form below to express your interest. I will then contact you directly with further information and ask for your availability. Thanks for taking the time to consider taking part.


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Are you a current student or member of staff looking for research participants? Drop us an email at uusresearch@shu.ac.uk to get your project advertised on this page.