Two students, one smiling with thumbs up and one with a frown and thumbs down. Accompanied by the words Hallam, How Are We Doing?

Shape your university experience to suit you

Tell us about your experience of university life and where there are opportunities for improvement.

The second Hallam, How Are We Doing? survey closed on 19 March. Thank you to everyone who responded!

There'll be another opportunity to take part (and another prize draw!) in May.

As a way of collecting feedback, we're asking you to share feedback at three different points throughout the academic year: November, February and May.

This means that as things change throughout the year, we can react and make changes quickly based on what you're telling us.


What will happen with my feedback?

Senior leaders across the University and the Students' Union will see the collective findings, so your feedback will directly influence change.

How many prizes are up for grabs?

Upon completion of the survey you will be entered into a national prize draw, along with other university students across the country, where you'll have the chance of winning the top prize of £300 or runner-up prizes of £100 (x1) or £50 (x2). Prize winners will be announced in June 2023. Winners will be drawn from a pot including responders from all three surveys at all institutions that have taken part.


We will also be randomly selecting three Sheffield Hallam students to win a pair of Apple AirPods, £50 True North Brew Co. gift card, or a £50 Nursery Tavern gift card.

I've completed the survey before, why do I need to do this again?

As a new way of collecting feedback, we're asking you to share feedback via the 'Hallam, How Are We Doing?' survey at three different points throughout the academic year: November, February and May. Each survey has a different theme (whilst also including some set benchmark questions). We would like to find out how you are feeling about your University experience throughout the year. This enables us to hear from you directly, react to what you want and need, and make positive changes throughout the academic year which impact students whilst they are still studying with us, rather than waiting until the end of the year when some students may have graduated.

How can I feed back between surveys?

If you need to give us any feedback about your University experience, positive or negative, you can use our feedback platform Union Voice. This allows you to quickly tell us what you think as your experience matters to us.

What changes have been made based on previous feedback?

Based on your feedback from the November 2021 survey, we will be:

  • Updating our Advice Centre webpages so that self-help guides are clearer and easier to understand.
  • Adding bookable, virtual 1-1 sessions with Advice Centre Advisers by September 2022.
  • Personalising our email communications with students to ensure you are not receiving too many emails and only receiving the information that you want.
  • Putting on more Give It A Go events so more students can get involved in fun activities without the commitment.