Being Well, Doing Well

We know that wellbeing and mental health is a top priority for students, so we're working with Alterline (an independent research agency) to better understand how you're feeling, how you are, and what Sheffield Hallam can do to improve our offer and support for you. 

The best bit? You can enter to win £100 in cash and we're also donating £100 to food banks in Sheffield for every 1000 responses we receive! That means you can give back to your local community by just filling out this survey. 

Your answers will not be reviewed in real-time, so if you disclose anything about your life for which you may need help or support we will not be able to respond. If you need help, please contact one of the following:  


Over the past couple of years, the Students’ Union and the University have been working together to improve the support that we offer for you. It’s surveys like this that help us to better understand what is needed from students at Hallam. Since our last survey on student wellbeing in 2018, we have: 

  • Continued to develop the wellbeing offer at Hallam with one-to-one appointments, group sessions, drop-in support, and self-help resources, with a total refresh of the wellbeing support website (go to www.shu.ac.uk/wellbeing to have a look and sign up!)

  • Run monthly student mental health campaigns and promoted the 5 Ways to Wellbeing 

  • Provided food boxes and wellbeing support for isolating students due to the Coronavirus pandemic (please see here if you’re currently self-isolating and in need of support) 

  • Developed Sheffield Hallam's strategic Student Wellbeing Programme which includes: taking a holistic approach to student wellbeing by working to embed into student curriculum, strengthen awareness of the trends and issues facing students, developing social support and digital environments, and encouraging participation in sport and physical activity