Research at the Students' Union

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union undertakes research to better understand your experience as a student. We also work with Officers, Part-Time Reps, and Student Reps to develop their research ideas. By collecting feedback from you, we create a clearer representation of the SHU experience and present these findings in the annual Student Voice Report; see the Student Voice Report 2019/20 for the latest version.

Each year, the Students' Union conducts research into the student experience. Most of this research is included in the Student Voice Report. To read the current or previous versions of the Student Voice Report, please see here.

Some of the research conducted by the Students' Union is also written into bespoke reports with the aim of making more immediate progress. Previous research publications are listed below, by academic year.

Current Research

Every academic year, the Students' Union does research into the student experience to improve and enhance your time at Sheffield Hallam.

There are no current research projects. This page will be updated as projects become available.

Previous Research

Research Publications from 2019/20 

Healthy Hallam Report
2020 Student Rep Survey


Research Publications from 2018/19 

The Sport & Physical Activity Survey
Sport & Physical Acitivty Infographic
SHUstainability Research

Research Publications from 2017/18 

Student Voice Report 2016/17
Female Students' Experience in STEM
Student Rep Survey 2018
Alterline 'Being Well, Doing Well' Research

Questions about our research? Drop us an email at uusresearch@shu.ac.uk.