Sheffield Hallam Students' Union undertakes research to better understand your experience as a student. We also work with Officers, Part Time Reps, and Student Reps to develop their research ideas. By collecting feedback from you, we create a clearer representation of the SHU experience and present these findings in the annual Student Voice Report; see the Student Voice Report 2016/17 for the latest version.

The Student Voice Report is the main lobbying and advocacy tool produced by the Students' Union. This report establishes clear actions, priorities and goals which can be reached through a joint partnership with students and the University.  The report considers feedback, both positive and negative, to give a fair and balanced view of what is working well, and what could be improved at Sheffield Hallam University. We, as a Students' Union and representative body for students, recommend actions based on student feedback and previous academic year's recommendations and actions are presented in every Student Voice Report.


Your feedback matters! Every survey, focus group, interview, social media poll and other forms of informal research help us to understand your experience and lobby for what you want! Here are some examples of how your feedback has been used to contribute to making change for the benefit of Hallam students in partnership with the University:

  • You told us: Disadvantaged students need financial support from the University, and you're worried this will be cut. Our Student Voice Report recommended that: The University ensures funding to support its most disadvantaged students continues at the same or higher level. The University took action: £1million has been made available in student support funding, with students who fall into more than one of the eligible categories now able to claim larger sums for the support.
  • You told us: Food is too expensive at the University. Our Student Voice Report recommended that: The University improves the affordability of food at its outlets.The University took action: The 'Proven Bakehouse' brand has launched at Cantor and Heart of the Campus, offering a range of food available for £1 when purchased with a SHUcard.
  • You said: You want better transport links between City and Collegiate Campus. We did: A cross-campus shuttle bus is now in operation from the HUBS to Collegiate Campus every weekday during term time.
  • You told us: Gaining access to physical copies of core textbooks is difficult, especially during exam periods or near assessment deadlines. Our Student Voice Report recommended that: All core texts and recommended reading materials are accessible online for all Hallam students. The University took action: Core texts are accessible online for all Hallam students and now 27,278 eBooks have been added to the Library's stock.

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