Sheffield Hallam Students' Union undertakes research to better understand your experience as a student. We also work with Officers, Part Time Reps, and Student Reps to develop their research ideas. By collecting feedback from you, we create a clearer representation of the SHU experience and present these findings in the annual Student Voice Report; see the Student Voice Report 2018/19 for the latest version.

The timeline below shows the work SHSU and SHU have undertaken to reduce teaching on Wednesday afternoons from 2012 to present day.


Research Reports

Each year, the Students' Union conducts research into the student experience. Most of this research is included in the Student Voice Report.

The Student Voice Report is the main lobbying and advocacy tool produced by the Students' Union. This report establishes clear actions, priorities and goals which can be reached through a joint partnership with students and the University.  The report considers feedback, both positive and negative, to give a fair and balanced view of what is working well, and what could be improved at Sheffield Hallam University. We, as a Students' Union and representative body for students, recommend actions based on student feedback and previous academic year's recommendations and actions are presented in every Student Voice Report.

Download the latest Student Voice Report here.


Some of the research conducted by the Students' Union is also written into bespoke reports with the aim of making more immediate progress.

Previous research publications are listed below, by academic year.


Research Publications from 2018/19:

The Sport & Physical Activity Survey or have a peek at the infographic

SHUstainability Research


Research Publications from 2017/18:

Student Voice Report 2016/17

Female Students' Experience in STEM

Student Rep Survey 2018

Alterline 'Being Well, Doing Well' Research


Questions about our research? Drop us an email at uusresearch@shu.ac.uk.


Current Research

Every academic year, the Students' Union does research into the student experience to improve and enhance your time at Sheffield Hallam.

  • The LGBTQ+ Student Experience* - partnership research between the Directorate of STEER and the SU, starting in February 2019. For more information, please see the Participant Information Sheet or email e.chitwood@shu.ac.uk or n.pickering@shu.ac.uk.
  • Sheriff, your SHSU Education Officer, is working towards creating more affordable printing options for all students. Tell us what you think in this short survey.

*Please note: research designated with a * has been or will go through Sheffield Hallam University ethical approval process. For questions about this process or the use of your data, please contact uusresearch@shu.ac.uk.


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