Academic Representation

Here at your Students' Union we offer a variety of ways to engage with making change to your academic experience, including representation! If you're interested in Course Representation, read below, or if you're interested in Department Representation or other information, use the left hand side of the page to navigate to where you want to go to read more!

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Course Rep Messaging

If you're a Course Rep, you can send emails to your coursemates via the SU website. You'll need to be logged in to do this - click below to log in!


What's a Course Rep?

Whilst you are a student, you will have opportunities to give feedback on how you are finding your course – what’s working well and what would you like to see improved.

Your Students' Union recruits representatives from each course to help gather information on what it’s like and where there are opportunities to make your experience better! These students are Course Reps.

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When you join Sheffield Hallam there will be opportunities for you to volunteer as a Course Rep for your peers! There’s no specific experience you need to be a rep, as full training is provided, so everyone has the opportunity to get involved. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, you can find more detail on the rep system through the tabs on the left, and be sure to check out the role description.

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Your Students' Union is a democratic organisation that empowers you to fight for change on campus and seek support from elected representatives who have got your back. Find out more about other ways to get involved in campaigning, elections, policy, who your Officers are and more.

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