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Welcome to Sheffield Hallam Student’s Union Airsoft Society!

So you've tried paintball and you enjoyed it. (Apart from being charged an arm and a leg for paintballs!) But if you want a little more? Then Airsoft is the right place to be!

So what is Airsoft? Well,  Airsoft is a relatively new combat simulation sport, that is similar in many respects to paintball but with a few key differences. Most importantly is the use of airsoft guns that are basically sport grade bb guns, similar to the little plastic bb guns you had as a kid, but made to full scale & weight for competitive and simulation use for military personnel to train and civilians to play Airsoft. Airsoft guns fire round plastic pellets or "bbs" at relatively low velocities and have a far greater range and accuracy than paintball guns as well as looking and feeling far more realistic. While paintball guns are infamous for causing bruises Airsoft rounds hold a thirteenth of the kinetic energy meaning a thirteenth of the pain!

Airsoft games or "skirmishes" take place in a huge variety of different sites, local to us is Skirmish Airsoft, the Stan site which is situated in an old Stanley Tools factory in Sheffield, we also visit a variety of other sites and are with enough interest are willing to venture further! All the kit you need, can be hired at the sites we visit such as weapons, tactical wear, safety equipment etc. however this year we are looking to procure our own equipment which will make it cheaper! We have started to expand to more and more sites around the UK and a few of our members attend the National Airsoft Event, a 3 day airsoft festival with almost 2000 players on site each year!

If Airsoft sounds like something you'd be interested in, then don't hesitate to drop one of our committee an email, or follow the Facebook link and get in touch that way. See you on the field!

If you need to contact the EQD privately, please use eqd.at.shusuairsoftsociety@gmail.com

If you are after our Facebook Group, please follow the link below-



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