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Namaste! Welcome to Sheffield Hallam Indian Society. Join us where we combine the colourful world of art, food, languages and festivals. 

In our society we have a lot planned this year from regular meet ups with a lot of fun to hopefully a lot of nights out! There are many exciting events to look forward to for example, Bollywood night parties and also potlucks where we can share the love of good food.

Our interests being as diverse as our culture, we are sure to have events to interest people from different backgrounds and hobbies. Here at Sheffield Hallam Indian Society, we are all one big family that look out for one another, helping to make sure that you find that perfect balance of adjusting to the university life as well as enjoying yourself whilst being here. We like to make sure that all our students are comfortable whilst also promoting our core aspects of Indian culture and values.

Be it an Indian, British Indian or an International student, join us on this journey and we guarantee to make you feel at home and create a lot of fun memories whilst gaining experiences as we take you through the roads of knowing India.


Standard membership - £3 for the year.

Can't wait to meet you all! 

Nia Parekh.


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