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About Us

The aim is to provide academic and professional support for students during their studentship at Sheffield Hallam University that will help them make a proper decisions during and after study.


  • Provide academic support for students for all levels through Biweekly or monthly events, academic and social events in form of a group discussion, online and physical meetings
  • Supporting students in preparing and applying for placement
  • Organize workshops and seminars that will help them find the right career path after studies

Why should I signup as a member?

All students who signup will get value for their money such as :

  • Networking events, trips and fun social activities
  • Exclusive access for one-on-one mentorship with selected alumnus
  • Exclusive advice on Job Search and area of specialization 
  • Get expert advice for assignments from previous alumnus and Senior student
  • Placement Referrals and Jobs

Standard membership - Student studying Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Sheffield Hallam University

Associate membership: other students within and outside Sheffield Hallam University

Do you need help?

Contact us today via our dedicated email hallamsocietyoflogisticsandscm@gmail.com as we are always happy to help you. 

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