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Tue 31st January

Disney Appreciation - Give it a Go! Rabbit's New Year Quiz
6pm - 9pm
Join Disney Appreciation for their Welcome Back event!
Psychology Society - Give it a Go! Refreshers Bar Crawl
8:30pm - 3am
Starting at the Cavandish
Join the Psychology Society for their welcome back event!

Wed 1st February

Wonderful Wizarding Quiz- Give it a Go!
6pm - 9pm
Owen-1029, City Campus

Thu 2nd February

Bengali Society- Give It a Go!
6pm - 10pm
St Vincent's Place - UNITE Student Accomodation

Fri 3rd February

Reading Society - Give it a Go! Welcome Back @ Treehouse Board Game Cafe
2:30pm - 7pm
Treehouse Board Game Cafe
Join Reading Society for their Welcome Back event!

Wed 15th February

Sun 26th February

Sunday Social!
2pm - 5pm
Waterstones, Orchard Square, Sheffield City Centre
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