Leadership Programme Day 3

Leadership Programme Day 3

DATE: Thursday 03 December 2020

TIME: 10am - 12:30pm


Principled leaders consistently adhere to a group of guiding ethics and values that they hold themselves accountable for. In the third and final session you will define your personal vision and values, to develop a unique leadership style that inspires confidence and respect from others.

Limited elligibility. Only the following groups can apply:

NB! This Programme is open to elected Students' Union leaders, including:

Course, Departmental and Faculty Reps,

SHU and SHSU Student-Staff,

* Volunteering Projects' members,

* Student Societies' members,

* Sport Clubs' members,

* Sociology Student Mentors,

* Elected Representatives (full-time and part-time Officers).

Limited places. You will have to apply to be enrolled in the programme. Please email skillstraining@shu.ac.uk for more information.