Snug - the only student accommodation we recommend!

Finding the right student accommodation is an absolute minefield. If there is one thing we think you should look out for, it is for accommodation that is 'Snug approved'!

What is Snug?

Snug is a property inspection standard which is awarded when homes meet the required standard of property and tenancy management, and the landlord is considered ‘fit and proper’. These standards are set by your Students' Union, the University, and the City Council, to make sure you get more than just a roof over your head, but a decent home. The University of Sheffield and the University of Sheffield Students' Union have also just come on board, expanding this scheme to the whole of Sheffield.

The Snug scheme ensures…

  • Landlords are trustworthy and accountable
  • Housing is safe, secure, and of a higher quality
  • Accommodation is easy to find


The majority of student landlords are professional and ensure that you pay fairly for a good house, but we are aware that there are some that are not. Snug is a way to ensure that you only get the good ones. Remember though, it is the property that is accredited, not the landlord.


How many properties are Snug approved?

As of the start of 2018, there are 550 Snug properties, with a total of nearly 14,000 bedspaces. Despite what you may have heard, there is actually a surplus of student property in Sheffield, so you'll be able to find student accommodation at any point in the year - just don't panic, and take your time!

Where can I find Snug properties?

First and foremost, we encourage you to ALWAYS ask if the property is Snug approved when speaking to a landlord or letting agent. All the private sector properties offered on the University's Studentpad website have been accredited by Snug. That means you can be confident they've been inspected by Sheffield City Council and comply with strict rules.

This sounds great! Where can I learn more?

It is great! If you have any other questions about Snug, pop into the Students' Union Student Advice Centre at The HUBS or contact us on 0114 225 4148.