Information and advice for anyone concerned about their relationship with drugs or alcohol

Drugs & Alcohol

At Sheffield Hallam Students' Union, we understand that students, like many other young people, may come into contact with alcohol and drugs in a variety of different environments. This may be the first time that students have come into contact these intoxicants, and we want to ensure that all students at SHSU are aware of the facts about drugs and alcohol, and how to access support during their time at university. 

We work very closely with colleagues at the Sheffield Drugs and Alcohol Co-ordination Team (DACT), to ensure that students are given the advice that they need about these substances, and that they are able to access any support or assistance that they require if they need it. Sheffield DACT offer free, confidential, non-judgemental advice and information to any SHU student who may wish to speak to a professional about their drug use or drinking habits, and even for those looking for advice on how to support friends. 

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union does not condone drug use, and we work closely with South Yorkshire Police and licensing authorities to maintain a strict "zero tolerance" policy to the use or possession of drugs (including legal highs) on our premises and at our events. Breaches of the University's policy on drugs, including the use, possession or supply of drugs on SHU premises, may be dealt with through official disciplinary procedures and with the involvement of the police. 

Alcohol and excessive drinking

Tips on how to stay safe when drinking and where to get support if you need it

Drugs and substance misuse

Facts about smoking and drugs, their effects and the risks, and where to get support